The Dust Catcher® Is One of the Best Father’s Day Gifts

The Dust Catcher® Is the Best Father’s Day Gifts.
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An amazingly simple tool that catches that drill dust for easy disposal.

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(see the extended “The Dusk Catcher® Overview” video on YouTube – click here)

What makes The Dust Catcher® the best Father’s Day Gifts?

Unlike other drill dust collection systems, which are often cumbersome, unreliable and much more expensive; The Dust Catcher® Has…

✔ No Batteries (always forgotten anyway on Father’s Day)
✔ No Hoses, Switches, or Attachments
✔ Big Wide, Dust Catching Cup
✔ Easy, Inexpensive Reliability

The Dust Catcher® is one of the Best Father’s Day Gifts because it is made of high strength plastic to ensure durability and reliability for both residential and commercial use.

It’s thermoplastic vulcanizing rubber edge forms nicely against textured or un-textured walls to ensure the maximum amount of dust collection in the cup while protecting delicate walls.

The patented drill bit guide helps to ensure a steady hand when drilling and achieve the precision-placed hole.

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Perfectly drilled holes with no mess!

Order The Dust Catcher® for ONLY $10.98
Absolutely One of the Best Father’s Day Gifts.


Best Father's Day Gifts buy now